Hello designers and non-profits!

This site is dedicated to the first ever GOOD by DESIGN charity Design Day, brought to you by The BOSS Group. We have been proudly serving the creative community for over 22 years. We hope that you will take a few minutes to read through this and see what this design-a-thon event is all about.

7 thoughts on “Hello designers and non-profits!

    • Posted on Anonymous,This is a great question and is a cnlgaehle that comes up constantly in an organizational setting. The simplest way to do this may be to ask your boss if you can have 15 minutes to meet with him/her. During that meeting, ask who you should be speaking with when you have an idea or a innovation that can help the business. See if there is an existing practice or policy that exists for employees to make recommendations. Perhaps there is a written process or a time (e.g. Staff Meetings) where these ideas can be shared. If there is no formal process, ask if it would be acceptable for you to write your ideas down and share them directly with your boss/the Owner/President once a month/week/etc. If this is agreed to, you now have an accepted process to share your thoughts.Additionally, the one watch-for that I have is to not make too many recommendations without engaging your co-workers. If you have a litany of changes that can be made and present them without asking why these items have or have not been implemented, you may be met with some resistance from Staff who can view you as someone who thinks you have all the answers’. Yet, if you take the time to bring key people into the conversation, one of two things may happen:1) you may find out that there are good reasons why some of the things you are suggesting have not been implemented.2) you may find an ally who would like to see the change you are suggesting implemented as well, which will hopefully help stir the company to action on your idea(s).Hope that helps!Scott

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